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Saban Wrapper near Dijon France

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The key Features of Saban Wrapper are;

> Design Speed from 27-45 Stroke Per Minute

> the lamination with the paper and with the met pet or holographic film will be done on the lamination machine with extream precision

> envelop kind soap wrapper to pack sabun

> customised layer for the soap wrapper

> even hot melt patch coating will also be applicable if required, will result in saving the lot of money and have better milage of the soap wrapper

> we have technology to laminate it with the holographic film and metpet, and gives you window you wanted to for4 the wrapper which allow your packing to window shine the wrapper for decent look

> we have quality cylinder makers who makes the cylinders for the bigger brand like uniliver, pamolive, etc. the cylinders are capable to multi print the jobs with minor maintenace cost

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Saban Wrapper near Dijon France

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